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    Green Nitrile Gloves in Bulk

    Nitrile is a high quality material that provides better safety in the work place. Nitrile gloves often come in a variety of colors so that employees are aware of which gloves to use for their tasks at work. For example, many industries buy green nitrile gloves in bulk to use for janitorial, lab and automotive purposes. However, they serve as great protection in many circumstances.

    About Green Nitrile Gloves

    Green nitrile gloves can sustain their quality through wet and dry conditions. They will protect your hands against harsh chemicals, dirt, grime and other harmful toxins. The strong synthetic rubber even protects against allergens. In fact, nitrile is an alternative to latex gloves which many people are allergic to or tend to form allergies to after prolonged use.

    Many gloves come with powder on them to make them easier to take on and off. This powder may irritate the skin, causing rashes and itchiness. Nitrile gloves are powder-free and just as easy to put on and remove due to their carefully thought out design and creation. The powder-free design protects those who wear nitrile gloves from irritation and even the inhalation of the powder.

    Here are some amazing facts about nitrile gloves…

    • Due to new enhancements, nitrile gloves are flexible and comfortable just like latex gloves.
    • Nitrile is 3 to 5x more durable and resistant than latex gloves.
    • It is more difficult for needles and sharp objects to penetrate nitrile gloves.
    • Nitrile rubber is used to make many products including adhesives and shoes.
    • Green nitrile gloves are widely used throughout many industries.
    • They are a great alternative to latex gloves and other protective hand gear.

    As nitrile gloves become more popular, they become even easier to obtain. When you buy green nitrile gloves in bulk, you’ll notice that they are affordable and worth every penny spent. Their enhanced grip, comfortability and durability make them one of the greatest components in an employee’s safety gear.

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