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Latex-Free Gloves

According to the American Latex Allergy Association, roughly three million United States residents are allergic to latex. Some estimates have this number at six percent of the overall population. While this may not seem like a large number, it represents a sizable portion of American workers in a variety of industries. In light of these growing statistics, it’s important that companies have a viable alternative to latex gloves as they endeavor to keep their employees and customers safe. Bulknitrilegloves.com offers quality, durable and affordable latex-free gloves in bulk for those who are sensitive to latex or just want to exercise and abundance of caution.

The Infi-Touch Difference

Bulknitrilegloves.com is a proud online distributor of Infi-Touch products. Infi-Touch uses an organic compound called nitrile rubber, a material made from an organic compound in the nitrile category. Nitrile rubber is the perfect alternative to latex and offers unmatched comfort, durability and performance. Infi-Touch is one the most recognized names in latex-free glove manufacturing, offering ultra-durable and disposable products:

  • Derma Plus Protection Acrylic Lining
  • Hypoallergenic and Gentle on the Skin
  • Comfortable and Tactile Feel
  • Micro-Textured Surface for Extra Gripping Power

To find out more about what our latex-free gloves have to offer, contact our representatives for some free samples.

Keeping Your Colleagues and Customers Safe

Whether you’re handling food, touching a patient, installing a toilet or working on an assembly line, germs are everywhere and can quickly cause long-term health issues. If you are, or employ, one of the millions of Americans that suffer from latex allergies, you shouldn’t have to choose between infection control and putting your own personal health at risk. Bulknitrilegloves.com offers the most affordable bulk latex-free glove options to customers in a full range of industries. Call us today at 877-898-2057 to learn more about what we can for you.