Industrial Gloves

Industrial and manufacturing jobs are some of the easiest to come by. The ability to complete responsibilities that demand physical exertion and hands-on interaction is perhaps the most desired skill set you can have when applying for work in this type of industry. With this being said, it is no surprise that those employed at industrial jobs are required to wear the proper safety gear. Since the hands are the body part most often used throughout the workday, it’s absolutely imperative that they remain protected as daily work duties are performed.

There are a vast variety of jobs provided through the industrial industry. A small list of jobs and businesses included in the laborious industry include the following . . .

  • Auto mechanic
  • Foreman
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Mechanic
  • Plant operator
  • Plumber
  • Welder
  • Heavy machinery operator
  • Shop foreman
  • Woodworkers
  • Construction worker
  • Factory worker
  • Warehouse worker

Regardless of your position or job title, your responsibilities as an industrial worker will likely require that you wear the proper safety gloves to avoid illness, injury, the spread of harmful bacteria, and hefty penalties served to anyone who fails to uphold and acknowledge the safety regulations set by OSHA.

The Most Durable, Resistant yet Affordable Safety Glove Available, The Q-Fit Loader Glove

The Q-Fit loader glove is known for its high quality construction, ample features, high level of protection, resistance, longevity, and practicability. Sold and distributed through Bulk Nitrile Gloves, the Q-Fit loader gloves have quickly become one of the company’s most purchased products. Even after coming in contact with assorted chemicals, harsh materials, and contaminants of all kinds, the gloves can be easily removed, cleaned and prepared for use again the next day.

One of the Q-Fit loader gloves greatest selling points is its low wholesale pricing. When you buy at least two bags of the gloves, the price of each pair of gloves included in the bag of ten pairs is reduced by $1.00 meaning they’re only $2.00 a pair when you buy two to nine bags at once. When you place an order for ten or more bags, the price you pay for each pair of gloves is reduced to $1.75. There’s no no doubt about it, purchasing the Q-Fit loader gloves in bulk to distribute throughout your industrial facility it the most affordable and successful way to ensure the safety of your employees.