Mechanic Gloves

The responsibilities of a mechanic or technician working in automotive or heavy machinery repair include the frequent use of harsh chemicals and pollutants, and sharp tools and objects. They’re also in constant contact with dirt, grime and debris found built up on the vehicles, used parts, and the entire automotive shop from floor to ceiling. Since a mechanic’s hands are their most useful tool in this particular field of work, it is very important that the proper safety gear is worn throughout the workday.

Loader gloves are a type of heavy duty glove designed to maintain its condition and provide high levels of safety and resistance. Even as they’re worn consistently day in and day out to complete the tasks involved in even the toughest hands-on, physically demanding jobs, they should continue to shelter your skin and hands from coming into direct contact with any of the hazardous, potentially dangerous materials, tools or objects frequently used or found around the shop.

Order Q-Fit Loader Gloves for Your Mechanics

Searching for gloves that offer high levels of protection and quality for the mechanics working at your automotive repair shop can easily become time consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, there’s no need to search. Bulk Nitrile Gloves sells and distributes the most durable, comfortable, resistant, yet affordable loader gloves on the market. Their Q-Fit loader gloves are guaranteed to provide protection while remaining pliable and functional during mechanical actions.

As a mechanic, it’s nearly impossible to keep clean. Your skin and clothes will come in contact with a large number of things including oil, grime, fuel and chemical solutions. Mechanics should protect their skin and the potential of contamination by wearing the approved safety gear. All regulations that are set by OSHA regarding the safety of mechanics and their work environment must be constantly met meaning that all employees must wear the correct safety gear every day they come to work. Q-Fit loader gloves meet the expectations of OSHA and are highly approved for use in an automotive repair shop.