Why Are Nitrile Gloves Preferred by Those That Have Latex Allergies?

Disposable gloves are worn by people all over the world, mostly due to their jobs. Gloves are worn in all types of industries including the medical field, automotive repair and laboratories. They are sufficient protection against hazardous materials and pollutants, dirt and grime. Perhaps the biggest issue among those that have the need to wear disposable gloves, especially on a daily basis is their sensitivity to latex. Those with allergies to the material may suffer from more severe reactions.

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Friction and sweating may cause allergy flare ups such as rashes and hives. Individuals that wear latex gloves frequently may end up with allergies to the material even if they never had them before. People with asthma might experience wheezing with prolonged exposure to the material. This is the biggest pitfall of latex even though it is highly used in many different industries.

Why Nitrile is a Great Alternative

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber material that is created in latex-free laboratories. It is a wonderful alternative to latex. Those with allergies to the material can safely use nitrile gloves as a replacement. It will provide the ultimate protection without causing someone to suffer from a reaction due to their allergy.

Not only are nitrile gloves latex-free, they have other amazing features and details too, such as:

  • Powder-free, leaving no residue behind
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Higher puncture resistance
  • Great for high risk, heavy duty jobs
  • 3x stronger than the standard latex glove
  • Come in black or blue for better awareness to possible wear or punctures
  • They’re FDA approved
  • They’re affordable and sold
  • They still provide comfort and flexibility despite the more durable material
  • They come texturized for a firmer grip

Nitrile gloves are becoming increasingly more popular among all industries. For example, the healthcare industry is quickly bringing in this product to their facilities due to their hypoallergenic qualities.

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