About Our Seasonal & Occasional Discounts

At Bulk Nitrile Gloves, we understand the importance of providing our customers with a quality product at a lower price. We offer wholesale prices on high quality disposable gloves so that people in all kinds of industries can afford to protect themselves as they work. As you may notice, the automotive, medical and food service industries are some fields that make their professionals frequently wear disposable gloves. It is perhaps the greatest form of protection for your hands and skin during a job.

save money

Not only do we offer disposable gloves, but we offer a variety of options. We also like to offer our clients seasonal and occasional discounts! Our already low wholesale prices are nearly impossible to beat especially with the higher quality of our Infi-Touch gloves, but we like to guarantee our customers are satisfied and that we keep them coming back.

Our seasonal and occasional discounts occur for many reasons. For example, when we have a surplus of product we must get rid of before the next shipment comes in. In this case, you may find that we cut the wholesale prices down even more on that specific product. You may also notice seasonal discounts due to the lower usage of gloves at those specific times throughout the year. It truly all depends on what we have coming in and how much we are shipping out. Nevertheless, it is wise to always come back to our site to check what types of discounts we have to offer when you’re in need of placing another bulk order for disposable gloves.

Contact Bulk Nitrile Gloves for Wholesale Prices and Ask About Our Discounts!

When you would like to place a bulk order for our latex or nitrile disposable gloves, contact us at 877-898-2057 for more information. Ask about our line of Infi-Touch products and our already low wholesale rates on gloves. Don’t forget to also ask about any seasonal discounts or sales. You just never know when we may decide to offer discounts to our clients otherwise. Of course, you should frequently check our website too for updates.