What Are V-Boards and What Is Their Purpose?

As a manufacturer or a business that often deals with ingoing and outgoing cargo, it is extremely important to protect the goods from harm. Whether you're storing them away or shipping them, there are products that can help keep your cargo safe. For example, v-boards have been created to safeguard cargo in numerous ways. You may have seen aluminum and wood v-boards but over the years, these have proven to be not as effective or safe as v-boards made of plastic. Plastic v-boards were created to provide more security than v-boards made of other materials.

Plastic v-boards are heavy duty plastic boards that can protect cargo straps, chains, and the corners of boxes and other straight edges. They are also used to help secure any tarps and covers that are used to shelter the cargo. V-Boards come in various sizes and also several designs. Some are designed to protect corners while others are straight with a 90 degree bend to protect the edges. Depending on what you're aiming to protect from damage as it is stored or transported, you may need several different types of v-boards.

Why Wood and Aluminum V-Boards Aren't the Best Option

Wood and aluminum v-boards were once the main and only type of v-boards for sale. Throughout the years, many manufacturers and transporters realized that these types of v-boards weren't as efficient and secure as they had hoped they would be. With more analysis, it was found that wood v-boards would collect and hold in harmful pathogens. These pathogens would spread bacteria and eventually cause illness or even contamination to the products and items they came in contact with.

Aside from the spread of harmful pathogens, it was found that aluminum and wood v-boards would also cause damage to some cargo. Not to mention, aluminum v-boards are much more expensive than that of the heavy duty plastic boards. Aluminum is also more difficult to repair and keep in good shape since it easy to bend and configure. After considering all the negative factors involving aluminum v-boards, many manufacturers have decided to discontinue the use of this type of v-board. They're main concern was employee safety. Aluminum especially once damaged, can easily injure an employee by cutting them with their sharp edges.

V-Board Specs and Information

V-Boards are made to protect many types of cargo. There are v-boards for flatbeds, v-board corner protectors, pallet edge protectors, and more. The edges and corners of cargo especially cargo stored in cardboard boxes, can get damaged very easily. With all the moving, transporting and storing, it is essential that you protect your cargo the best that you can to avoid damaging the contents inside the boxes. Even the edges of the pallets your goods are stored on can get damaged and therefore, will carry a higher risk of damaging the boxes secured to the top of the pallet.

There are many different sizes of v-boards. For example, straight plastic v-boards may come in lengths of 40", 48", 80" and 96". Corner v-boards tend to be smaller in size as they are only intended to protect the very edge of the box are cargo container. V-Boards may also be referred to by different names and spelling including vee boards, veeboards, vboard, edge protectors, plastic v-boards, and more. Remember these names and different ways of spelling when you go to look for this product online.

The Cost of V-Boards and Where to Find Them for Sale

As a manufacturer, transporter or business that could make good use of v-boards, it is easier to find the kind of v-boards you need by searching online. Simply search for "v-boards near me" and you'll be presented with all types of v-boards for sale. Of course, you should look into the reputation and history of each company selling v-boards before you decide to make a purchase through them. Never go for the first place to pop up in your search engine or a v-board manufacturer that promises extreme discounts or the lowest price. Make sure they have the right credentials and a great reputation for their safety products first, even if you must give them a call to ask questions.

When you order online, you can find some great places to purchase heavy duty plastic v-boards in bulk and wholesale. Ordering v-boards in bulk and wholesale will slash the prices of each board, making them much more affordable. It isn't difficult to find v-boards at cheap costs when you do a little research online first. Just make sure that the company you order your plastic v-boards through is BBB approved and reliable. You can check out what kind of reputation the company has by reading reviews and testimonials online that are left by past and current customers. You may also find star ratings with one star being the lowest and five stars being the highest. Obviously, five stars is the greatest and you should go through a company with at least a four star rating.

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