How to Use V-Boards

When you purchase v-boards, it is usually to protect your cargo, goods or containers from harm while being stored or transported. V-Boards come in many different materials and sizes but perhaps the greatest material to buy v-boards in is plastic. Wood v-boards are known for harboring negative pathogens and splintering, while aluminum v-boards can cause injury to those using them as well as harm to packages if they're not in good shape.

After you've decided what plastic v-board sizes you need and how many, purchase them online for the lowest prices. Buying plastic v-boards in bulk is usually much cheaper. Once your v-boards arrive, you can begin using them right away. There is no assembly required. Simply pull them out of their packaging and begin placing them carefully on the edges and corners of your cargo.

If you have several boxes that you'd like to fit onto one pallet for storage, use the v-boards to help you connect the cargo by placing one of the plastic heavy duty boards across the packaging then securing it together with straps or tie downs. This will keep the packages together so that you can lift them onto and off of the truck or forklift much easier. When you place the tie downs or straps across the v-boards vertically, it will hold the v-boards in place as well as secure the cargo to the pallet.

V-Boards are also great for holding down covers or tarps. If you wish to cover the cargo, simply drape the tarp or cover over the boxes or container. Then place your v-boards over the tarp on the edges of the cargo. Use your straps or tie downs to then secure it all in place. This gives the cargo the absolute ultimate protection during its storage or transport.

V-Board Corner Protectors

Although you can align the straight plastic v-boards to meet in the corners of your cargo, there are corner protectors that are also available. These corner protector v-boards fit snugly in the corners of boxes and containers to protect them from damage. The corners of cargo containers are the easiest to harm. As they are being moved, it is often the corners that hit a hard surface such as a door frame or wall first. If this happens, you risk damaging the contents inside the shipping or storage container. Damaging the corners may also leave a tear in the container which may allow for pathogens and pests to get inside easier, ruining the contents in many cases. If this is a concern, corner protecting v-boards may be the solution.