Warehouse Gloves

Anyone employed at a warehouse must maintain compliance with OSHA’s standards regarding protective gear. Certain forms of protective gear must be worn by those working in a warehouse or the facility could face a variety of penalties. The significance and focus of the Occupational Safety and Health Act is to prevent the likelihood of work-related injuries, accidents, illnesses and death. Before the act was in place, the percentage of work-related injuries was more than 20% higher than it is today.

One of the most common violations given out by OSHA employees is for the lack of proper protective gear worn by those working in warehouses. Although proper respiratory gear is of the highest concern for OSHA, all other forms of gear are important too. This includes the use of durable and efficient hand protection, more specifically loader gloves.

What are Loader Gloves?

Loader gloves are a heavy duty type of glove that is worn during the toughest of jobs to help protect your skin and hands. These gloves serve as multipurpose hand gear tough enough to withstand moisture, harsh chemicals, oil, dirt, debris and more. When you order the well-known and ever popular Q-Fit Loader Gloves through Bulk Nitrile Gloves, you can expect certain features, including . . .

  • Rough textured enhanced gripping
  • Curve forming to achieve comfort hand fitting
  • Palm textured coating
  • Elastic knit wrist cuff for firm fitting
  • Latex crinkle palm coating
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Multiple use
  • Seamless poly cotton
  • A selection of sizes
  • Quick and guaranteed delivery service
  • Low cost wholesale prices especially reflected in bulk orders
  • Hassle free use (easy to get on and take off)
  • High performance levels
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Quality fit
  • Breathable backside
  • Reinforced safety cuffs
  • Sturdy and highly resistant
  • Dry and firm grip work
  • The ultimate mechanical action protection
  • A longer lifetime

Due to the unique design of loader gloves and ability to protect the hands in a large spectrum of circumstances, they are favored by various types of industries situated all over the world. The Q-Fit Loader Gloves meet OSHA regulations and the company that sells this particular glove is approved by the BBB. These qualities only help to prove the high quality and longevity of the Q-Fit loader gloves and other products sold through Bulk Nitrile Gloves.