Black Nitrile

What Are Black Nitrile Gloves?

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Black nitrile gloves are durable and heavy-duty enough to take on even the toughest of jobs. These industrial grade gloves are 50% thicker than the typical nitrile material. They’re great for mechanics, plumbers, factory workers, and laborers of all kinds. The durability and comfort provided by these gloves makes them easy to use and made to last.

The powder-free material makes it possible to wear these gloves for painting or similar tasks without leaving behind any residue. You’ll find that the textured surface of the nitrile glove provides a sturdier grip. This makes them great to use in any condition, wet or dry. The gloves also hide grease and grime, keeping those that use them looking professional throughout their day of hard work.

They’re Even Chemical Resistant!

Automotive mechanics often use these gloves due to their ability to resist chemicals. Fuel, iodine and butane are just a few of the chemicals that black nitrile gloves are strong enough to resist. The gloves can be used over and over, even after being submerged in chemicals; the glove will hold its shape and remain intact. Black nitrile gloves are non-chlorinated too, providing a longer shelf life for prolonged use.

The Advantages of Black Nitrile Gloves

Aside from their durability and chemical resistance, black nitrile gloves are very beneficial. Similar to standard nitrile gloves, these also fit the hand closely and bend with your hand as you work. As the glove reaches your body temperature, they form more closely to the hand. The polymer coated material, beaded cuff, and textured surface make these gloves more professional in appearance while still maintaining their long-lasting strength. Individuals with allergies, have no fear because these gloves are also latex-free!

Buy Black Nitrile Gloves in Bulk

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