What Are Nitrile Gloves Used For?

The hallmark of any successful product and the determining factor of its longevity and popularity on the market place is the amount of needs that it fills. Certain products fill such a niche that they don’t have to be very versatile, but others, such as disposable gloves, have to maintain a diverse range of uses to remain relevant.

Many people are quite familiar with seeing the boxes of gloves adorning the walls of a hospital or doctors office. However, multiple industries have started utilizing nitrile gloves as a means of improving quality, hygiene and the morale of their employees.

Because they are cost effective, durable and safe for use with food, animals and humans, nitrile gloves have increasingly expanded their influence to include all different kinds of industries.

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By far and large, the most obvious and frequent user of nitrile gloves are the medical fields. Doctors, nurses, techs, paramedics, dentists, phlebotomists, pharmacists and so on routinely don a pair of gloves while interacting with each patient.

Providing both protection to the practitioner and the patient, gloves are the primary barrier that stops the spread of infectious diseases and prevents healthcare workers from being exposed to viruses and bacteria that constantly surround them.

The superior level of resistance that nitrile displays in contrast with latex gloves, coupled with the limited allergen factor have made nitriles the new industry standard. Few healthcare facilities utilize latex gloves anymore, usually only keeping a reserve of them for the rare instance that someone has a sensitivity to nitrile.

Dentists prefer the puncture resistance of nitrile gloves, understandably so, considering most of their day is spent around sharp instruments and human teeth.

Paramedics are also huge fans of the synthetic rubber. In the rapid fire world of emergency services, glove tears often went unknown, exposing the providers to bodily fluids. Many paramedics love the durability of a nitrile glove, increasing their peace of mind while working to save lives.


Since the age of the covered wagon, mechanics have been coming home stained with grease, oil, fuel and grime. Older, more experienced technicians’ skin is permanently changed from the years upon years of being elbow deep in motors and transmissions.

Recently though, more and more automotive shops are keeping healthy supplies of nitrile gloves around to help their techs stay just a little cleaner.

Not only are the hands of these men and women better off, the cars and trucks they are servicing are coming out cleaner as well. One of the biggest customer complaints fielded by shops is that of dirty, greasy steering wheels, door handles and gear shifters. Nitrile gloves have greatly reduced these complaints and continue to gain traction with mechanics and business owners alike.

One of the first automotive industries to institute the use of gloves was the body and paint sector. Most automotive paints are oil based, and so is the natural excretion of our pours. Fingerprints and palm prints from skin contact with metal that is going to be painted can destroy a paint job.

By using gloves as a barrier between metal and skin, body technicians and painters can ensure quality work and minimize the amount of warranty and redo work that needs to be performed. All these factors combined increases profits and customer satisfaction.


Take a walk through your local grocery store or market, and chances are you’ll find boxes of nitrile gloves in every department.

Butchers use gloves routinely to prevent cross contamination of meats which are known to carry deadly bacteria, while bakery workers keep clumped dough and skin staining icing from affecting their hands.

Most of the cooks in restaurants today can be found wearing nitrile gloves throughout most of their shift. Routinely changing them as they handle various raw meats, eggs, dairy and vegetables. Not only preventing the spread of foodborne pathogens such as e-coli and salmonella, but also giving peace of mind to the end consumer that their food wasn’t handled by someone else’s bare hands.

The food service industry comes in at a close second to the medical field in number of nitrile glove users and continues to grow daily as more and more sectors of the food business discover the benefits of providing these tools to their employees.


Computer parts are some sensitive little pieces. Natural oils, sweat, water, and even the smallest particles of dead skin can render parts useless and affect their performance.

Nitrile gloves give technology workers the confidence to handle the frailest and most delicate hardware with ease, and make sure that the natural processes of the human body aren’t going to ruin expensive components.

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When you’re handling chemicals that can burn through skin, cause blindness, and even be deadly if absorbed, safety is paramount.

Chemical workers across the globe use nitrile gloves on a daily basis to protect themselves from the dangers of their profession. Nitrile’s synthetic nature and durable bonds make it a great choice for handling a wide variety of caustic substances.

It’s pretty amazing to think that a chemical capable of burning human skin simply rolls off of a nitrile glove. Since they are mostly only pervious to petroleum products like gasoline and alcohol, nitrile gloves can withstand acids, bases, and other mixtures that would badly injury skin.

The high dexterity that nitrile offers also benefits this field. Workers are able to wear these types of gloves for long durations without losing the feel and natural movement they’re accustomed to, further increasing their safety in the workplace.

Professional Cleaners

Probably the profession that combines the needs of all the others listed here, professional cleaners need a barrier against a wide range of factors.

Cleaning bathrooms is the first thing to come to mind. Everyone knows how unsettling a public toilet can be to look at, more less to clean. Nobody wants to come in contact with someone else’s by products and nitrile gloves provide the best protection against that.

After a bathroom comes a kitchen, especially commercial ones. Grease buildup, grime, used cooking oil, raw meat juices and various other spills and stains are definitely not something these folks want to walk around with on their hands. Nitrile gloves provide unparalleled resistance to mineral oils, vegetable oils, heat and bacteria.

And then there’s the cleaning chemicals. Pros are regularly using bleach, oxidized cleaners, and caustic acids to deep clean a home or business. As we discussed with the chemical workers above, preventing burns and reactions to these cleaners is at the top of most employees and business owner’s priority list.

Compared to the old yellow rubber gloves we all grew up watching our mothers use to wash the dishes, nitrile gloves are cheaper, more durable, less pervious and easy to take off and put on. All those incentives combine to provide the perfect choice for any professional cleaner.

Tip of the Iceberg

The examples above are just a few of the industries that you’ll find nitrile gloves hard at work in. There are a multitude of other applications for them and the uses are increasing by the day.

Industries that require barriers of protection against all matters of foreign objects are turning to nitrile gloves to fill the gap. The increase in safety and efficiency is not only improving bottom lines, but also employee morale and productivity. Happy employees are hard workers and happy customers are repeat business.

The small investment business owners are making in supplying nitrile gloves to their workers is paying off in spades. Every industry that nitrile gloves enter is automatically better off for it and the need is only continuing to rise.

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