Black Medical Gloves

One of the most desirable types of disposable gloves available are black nitrile gloves. Latex gloves used to be the most popular option until nitrile gloves were released to the public. Nitrile material is more durable and longer lasting than that of latex. It also holds less risk for causing irritation to the skin due to allergies from latex. The material nitrile can endure contact with harsh chemicals, punctures, moisture and abrasive materials that could quickly harm the skin, causing injury and illness.

Black Medical Gloves

There are different nitrile glove options made available through Bulk Nitrile Gloves. We offer multiple sizes, colors and grades. The thicker the nitrile glove material, the stronger they are. 15mil is usually the thickest black nitrile glove you will find for sale online. 5mil is one of the thinnest levels of thickness available for nitrile gloves. Those in the medical industry usually prefer a thickness somewhere in the middle. This gives them the same flexibility and comfort of latex gloves while providing them with more resistance and strength. Buying them in the color black helps keep the gloves looking professional and clean.

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All medical gloves used throughout healthcare facilities must have FDA approval. To gain this approval, they must meet the requirements set by the FDA and be of exceptional quality. The FDA may change its qualifications from time to time so as a health facilitator, it is wise to stay on top of these changes. In 2016 the FDA banned the use of powdered medical gloves, making this one of the more recent changes to their policies. It was discovered that the powder on the surface of latex gloves created airway inflammation, irritation and other similar complications during operations.

Benefit from Buying Black Nitrile Medical Gloves In Bulk

Buying in bulk will greatly benefit you by helping you save more money on your purchase. Wholesale rates are much lower than the typical price per each pair of gloves. A lot of professionals will order their disposable gloves online through a reputable manufacturer or distribution company. Buying in large quantity, means you’ll pay less per each pair of gloves. Bulk orders also make it easier to stockpile this type of safety gear at your healthcare facility. Contact Bulk Nitrile Gloves today to place your bulk order of black medical gloves and you’ll receive quick, free shipping and handling services!