Archive:  December 2017

Nitrile Rubber Gloves at Bulk Wholesale Pricing

To assure safety in the work environment, it’s best to purchase nitrile gloves in bulk. These gloves are made to sustain all types of wet and dry conditions while protecting the hands from dirt, hazardous chemicals, toxins and other harmful substances. Many professionals regardless of their field, order nitrile rubber gloves in bulk to receive  … Read more

Medical Rubber Gloves in Bulk

Health facilities including hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, and other medical care buildings are always seen with medical gloves in every room. Healthcare professionals often use these medical rubber gloves to protect themselves and others from the spread of illness and blood borne pathogens. During medical procedures or exams, these gloves are worn as safety  … Read more

Latex Rubber Gloves at Bulk Wholesale Pricing

Latex rubber gloves are widely used throughout many facilities all over the world. Many industries provide latex gloves to their employees to help keep them protected against harsh chemicals and pollutants, including everyday dirt and grime. For example, medical facilitators use latex gloves to help protect themselves and others against the spread of blood borne  … Read more

Green Nitrile Rubber Gloves in Bulk

Green nitrile rubber gloves are commonly used in the health facilities, the food service industry, and laboratories. The color makes it easier to spot puncture wounds and small tears. Since they are favored among many industries, it is easy to find them sold in bulk at wholesale prices.   Nitrile is a thick, durable material  … Read more

Disposable Rubber Gloves Wholesale

Disposable rubber gloves are tough and durable enough to take on even the harshest of tasks. These industrial grade gloves are usually created with nitrile rubber which is 3 to 5x more resistant than that of latex. They’re a wonderful source of protection for auto mechanics, plumbers, factory workers, laboratory workers, and laborers in all  … Read more