Latex Rubber Gloves at Bulk Wholesale Pricing

Latex rubber gloves are widely used throughout many facilities all over the world. Many industries provide latex gloves to their employees to help keep them protected against harsh chemicals and pollutants, including everyday dirt and grime. For example, medical facilitators use latex gloves to help protect themselves and others against the spread of blood borne pathogens and other harmful toxins.


It is important that the gloves you use stand up to the harmful substances they are meant to protect you from. Latex rubber gloves have been used as safety gear for many decades and have proven to be a substantial way to protect the hands they are worn by. However, latex gloves aren’t meant to withstand prolonged use and they must be changed periodically. This is why many professionals will order their latex rubber gloves at bulk wholesale pricing. This not only provides them with a surplus of gloves, but it earns them cheaper rates.


The Benefits of Latex Rubber Gloves


  • Latex gloves come in powdered and powder-free designs. The powder makes it substantially easier to put on and remove the disposable gloves. However, if the powder causes irritation, powder-free gloves are available.
  • They come in different sizes and designs to appeal to all employees regardless of their field.
  • They provide a tighter fit than gloves made of thicker materials such as nitrile rubber.
  • They help protect against chemicals, toxins, dirt, grime, and blood borne pathogens.
  • They provide safety in high risk situations.
  • You can buy latex rubber gloves at nearly any superstore or home improvement store, but ordering them online in bulk tends to be the cheapest and most efficient option. Wholesale pricing makes it easier to supply any entire facility with gloves at a lower cost.
  • They’re not only great for use in a facility but at home too. Many people use latex rubber gloves while cleaning their homes and performing everyday chores.