Green Nitrile Rubber Gloves in Bulk

Green nitrile rubber gloves are commonly used in the health facilities, the food service industry, and laboratories. The color makes it easier to spot puncture wounds and small tears. Since they are favored among many industries, it is easy to find them sold in bulk at wholesale prices.


Nitrile is a thick, durable material made to resist chemicals and other harmful pollutants. Although they are disposable, they last longer than latex gloves. The thicker synthetic rubber material hardly hinders the flexibility of the glove. They maintain their shape and form closer to the hand as they warm from body heat.


The benefits of nitrile gloves are endless. They have certainly grown in popularity over the years. Here are some of the advantages you can expect from nitrile disposable gloves…


  • They are made of synthetic rubber, making them safe to wear by anyone with allergies to latex.
  • They are affordable, especially when bought through Bulk Nitrile Gloves. They offer low wholesale pricing.
  • Nitrile gloves are FDA approved for the food service industry.
  • They are 3 to 5x stronger than latex gloves.
  • They are powder-free, leaving behind no signs of residue anywhere.
  • They are less likely to suffer from puncture wounds while dealing with sharp objects such as needles.
  • They are chemical resistant. Many mechanics and hospitals use them due to their resistance to blood borne pathogens, harmful toxins, fuel, butane, iodine, and other similar pollutants.


How to Buy Green Nitrile Rubber Gloves in Bulk


When you decide that green nitrile gloves are your next purchase for the facility you work in, go online and check out Bulk Nitrile Gloves. There is an assortment of nitrile disposable gloves to choose from, all in different sizes and colors. Look over the website and order online or call (877) 898-2057 to learn more from customer service representatives. They’ll happily answer any questions you might have and even assist you with your order.