Black Nitrile Rubber Gloves in Bulk

Black nitrile gloves are designed to handle the most difficult tasks. They are made to protect the skin against chemicals, pollutants, dirt, grime, food borne illnesses, blood borne pathogens, and other toxins. These industrial grade gloves are 50% thicker than your standard nitrile glove. Professionals in all types of industries have adapted to these gloves for their resistance and comfortability.


Black nitrile gloves are best purchased in bulk. Although they are 3 to 5x more puncture resistant than latex and much more durable than your standard nitrile glove, they are still disposable. Providing everyone in a facility with this type of protective gear is crucial if workers must wear gloves frequently to perform tasks throughout the day. When you buy black nitrile gloves in bulk, you’re buying more at once while saving money. Buying in bulk helps you benefit from wholesale pricing. This is how many businesses purchase their gloves. The easiest way is to do so online. In fact, Bulk Nitrile Gloves is one of the greatest places to buy safety gear from.



The Significance of Black Nitrile Gloves


Black nitrile gloves are often used by auto mechanics and other professionals dealing with fuel and other harmful substances. The nitrile material can withstand chemicals while holding its shape and remaining intact. Black nitrile gloves are also non-chlorinated for a longer shelf life.


Nitrile gloves may be thicker than latex gloves but they are designed for a comfortable fit and flexibility just the same. As the glove reaches your body temperature, they form closer to the hand. The polymer coated material, beaded cuff, and textured surface make these gloves appealing. Despite their professional appearance, they are made to last longer. Since nitrile is a synthetic rubber material, they are free of allergens unlike latex.