What Are Medical Gloves Used For?

Medical gloves are a form of protective gear in many different industries but especially the medical industry. They help protect against blood borne pathogens and other pollutants. During medical procedures and exams, disposable gloves help protect against the spread of illness and infection. In the medical industry and as a healthcare professional, it’s extremely important  … Read more

Selecting the Right Size of Glove

Working in an industry where disposable gloves serve as a form of safety gear, it is especially important to pick the right type of glove. Aside from choosing the right grade for your profession, you’ll also want to choose a proper size and color. When the correct size of disposable glove isn’t worn, the gloves  … Read more

Nitrile Industrial Grade VS Nitrile Medical Grade Gloves

In any industry, it is important to select the right type of gloves to serve as protection. Based on the tasks involved with your profession, you’ll want a glove that can hold up against the pollutants, chemicals or other substances you often work with. That’s why there is a variety of disposable gloves made available.  … Read more

About Infi-Touch

Infi-Touch is a leading manufacturer out of the United States that provides low cost, high quality disposable gloves. For over 20 years, Infi-Touch has been providing the pharmaceutical, medical and automotive industries among others with their line of nitrile gloves and other types of disposable gloves and specialty products. Their products are designed to provide  … Read more

Order Nitrile Gloves Wholesale

There is a vast need for disposable gloves among various industries worldwide. One of the biggest industries to use gloves is the medical industry. Healthcare facilities all over the world use disposable gloves to avoid coming in contact with and spreading harsh pollutants and bloodborne pathogens. Since disposable gloves are necessary safety gear in many  … Read more