Bulk Surgical Nitrile Gloves

Surgical gloves are highly demanded in the medical industry. These type of gloves serve as protection against bloodborne pathogens and contaminants. Wearing gloves while conducting a surgical procedure or any type of medical care is mandatory. As a surgeon or anyone working in the medical industry, it’s extremely important to wear gloves while dealing with bodily fluids, blood, performing medical care of any kind, administering shots, or when dealing with pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Bulk Surgical Nitrile Gloves

Any disposable gloves worn for surgical procedures or as protection in healthcare facilities must be FDA approved. FDA approval means that the gloves are resistant and of quality to be used during medical practice. The FDA banned the use of powdered disposable gloves in 2016 due to the risks it presented. Gloves with a powdered surface are believed to cause airway inflammation, irritation and other complications during surgical operations.

Why Surgeons Prefer Nitrile Surgical Gloves

Since latex gloves aren’t as favorable in the medical fields as they once were, nitrile surgical gloves have become the more popular option. Although latex was once the material of choice for disposable gloves, its ability to cause allergies and irritation was an ongoing concern. Nitrile is a more durable material with fewer risks involved and is less likely to cause irritation or heighten allergies while worn.

Information Regarding Nitrile Disposable Gloves

1. Nitrile surgical gloves are 3 to 5x more puncture resistant than latex gloves.

2. The material conforms to the hand with body heat so that they remain flexible and comfortable.

3. They protect against chemicals, blood borne pathogens and pollutants.

4. The textured surface of the nitrile gloves makes it possible to maintain a firmer grip.

5. Powder free as to not encourage irritation, powder inhalation and allergies.

6. Nitrile gloves are constantly being enhanced and improved.

7. Many types of disposable nitrile gloves feature a polymer or double polymer coating on the inside, making them easier to take on and off.

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