Chemical Resistant Gloves In Bulk

Chemical resistant gloves are strong enough to take on even the toughest of jobs regardless of what type of tasks must be completed. Industrial grade gloves are 50% thicker than the typical nitrile material and are usually more chemical resistant. They’re great for mechanics, plumbers, factory workers, and laborers of all kinds. They’re also great for use by scientists, laboratory workers and anyone that might work with chemicals on a daily basis. The durability and comfort provided by these gloves makes them easy to use and wear while they protect your skin from harm.
Chemical Resistant Gloves In Bulk

The powder-free material makes it possible to wear these gloves and fulfill your tasks without leaving behind any residue. You’ll find that the textured surface of the nitrile glove provides a stronger, firmer grip. Whether you’re working with wet or dry materials, the gloves will remain useful. Chemical resistant gloves also hide grease and grime, keeping those that use them looking professional throughout their day of hard work.

About Chemical Resistant Gloves

Automotive mechanics and other professionals often use these gloves due to their ability to resist chemicals. Fuel, iodine, oil and butane are just a few of the chemicals that nitrile gloves are strong enough to resist. When chemicals come in contact with the skin, a lot can go wrong. The skin may become irritated, painful, itchy or worse. Of course, with the proper hand protection worn, it is unlikely that you will find yourself suffering from such harm.

Aside from their quality and chemical resistance, nitrile gloves are very advantageous. Similar to standard nitrile gloves, these also fit the hand closely and bend with your hand. As the glove reaches your body temperature, they form more closely to the hand for a better fit. Individuals with allergies won’t have to worry about skin irritation as much since the gloves are completely free of latex.

Shop Bulk Chemical Resistant Gloves With Wholesale Prices

Even with all the advantages chemical resistant nitrile gloves provide, they’re priced affordably. To purchase safety gear, simply contact Bulk Nitrile Gloves. Buying nitrile gloves in bulk means you’ll also benefit from low wholesale rates. The more you order, the more the price per glove drops.