Disposable Medical Gloves

For many industries, disposable gloves are a required part of safety gear especially those working in hospitals or medical facilities. Luckily, buying disposable medical gloves in bulk helps drop the already low wholesale rates when you go through Bulk Nitrile Gloves to place an order. Bulk orders also allow a facility to stock up on disposable gloves so that there’s less worry of running out during operation hours.

Any disposable gloves worn by professionals in a hospital must meet all safety codes and OSHA requirements. Bulk Nitrile Gloves offers disposable gloves approved for all industries and their disposable medical glove options come in latex and nitrile as well as all sizes. Nitrile gloves hold reign as the most popular option due to their higher puncture and chemical resistance well as their advanced technology and powder-free surface. Surgeons, doctors and medical practitioners that come in contact with blood, blood borne pathogens and other substances that can cause illness or harm find that nitrile gloves provide a lot more protection at a cost not far from that of latex disposable gloves.

How to Properly Use and Wear Disposable Medical Gloves

Since disposable medical gloves are used as hand protection among health professionals, it is important to use them properly. The careless and improper use of disposable gloves defeats their purpose of serving as protection.

1. Wash your hands before putting on disposable gloves. Every time.

2. Make sure the gloves you’re using are the right size and fit for your hands.

3. Pay attention to your disposable medical gloves while using them. If you notice wear, tears or punctures, change them right away.

4. Never wash, share or reuse disposable medical gloves.

5. Change out your medical gloves frequently to assure they’re serving their purpose as protection.

6. Make sure all medical glove packaging is clearly labeled as required by the FDA.

Shop Bulk Disposable Medical Gloves With Wholesale Prices

When you use the gloves properly, you can rest assured that they’ll provide you with the ultimate protection as you carry out your daily assignments and scheduled medical procedures. Washing your hands after every use and changing gloves out after every task are the most important things to remember while wearing disposable medical gloves.