Nitrile Dishwashing Gloves

Washing dishes is a daily task that not only happens at home, but in the back of restaurants, delis and other food service facilities. Those that must perform the responsibility of washing the dishes must submerge their hands in dirty hot dish water to get the job done. The temperature of the water, chemicals and the food debris and contaminants it contains are bad for the skin and could easily cause harm if contact is made. To protect the hands while washing dishes, it is best to find a good pair of nitrile dishwashing gloves.

Nitrile Dishwashing Gloves

Although nitrile gloves are available in disposable form, there are other nitrile gloves that are made to last and be reused. For dishwashing duties, a pair of reusable nitrile gloves is the absolute greatest option. They are durable, flexible, comfortable and highly resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures, moisture and other potentially hazardous contaminants.

Why Nitrile Gloves are Preferred in the Food Service Industry

1. Nitrile gloves hold high resistance and serve as protection against raw meats, oils, acidic fruits, raw poultry, and other foods high in bacteria or prone to cause foodborne illness.

2. Their powder-free design makes sure that no residue is left behind on food or any dishes being washed and handled. The acrylic lining inside the gloves makes them just as easy to remove and put on as latex gloves. The lining also protects the hands from moisture when they’re submerged in water.

3. Nitrile gloves come in different colors, sizes, designs and thicknesses making it easy to find the right glove to wear during food prep.

4. They are FDA approved meaning they are perfectly safe for use in the food service industry, no matter your responsibilities.

5. Their strength makes them more resistant to punctures and tears that might occur while washing dishes.

6. You can buy them in bulk to take advantage of wholesale pricing.

7. Nitrile gloves get more flexible as they form to the hand as body heat rises and friction increases.

8. Your hands will be protected against the higher temperature of the water. They’ll also protect your skin from becoming pruned or irritated from the moisture.

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