Nitrile Gloves in Bulk 10mil

Nitrile gloves come in various levels of thickness. There is a reason for the variation of thickness levels. The thicker the nitrile glove is, the more durable and puncture resistant it should be. Nitrile gloves with a thickness level of 10mil are meant to withstand use during heavy duty jobs such as auto repair and waste disposal. However, 10mil isn’t the thickest you’ll find nitrile gloves available in. They make thicker gloves in nitrile that can endure industrial jobs that usually carry much higher risks when the proper safety gear isn’t worn.


Design and Features of Nitrile Gloves


The design of nitrile gloves includes two layers. The outer layer is made of nitrile and the inner layer is an acrylic lining. The acrylic lining is thinner and its purpose is to keep moisture from getting in the glove. The outer layer of nitrile serves as protection from sharp objects, dirt and harmful pollutants. The thicker the outer layer of the disposable glove is, the less flexibility there is. Luckily, the manufacturers of nitrile gloves recently created a technology that allows the glove to form to the hand for easier movement. The glove forms closer to the hand as body heat rises.


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