Nitrile Gloves in Bulk at 14mil

Disposable gloves are an extremely important piece of safety gear for many professionals. Whether you work in food service or a chemical laboratory, nitrile gloves are preferred. Latex and nitrile gloves are the two most popular options for those who must wear protection on their hands at work. However the strength of the synthetic rubber, nitrile has made it more appealing to those looking for the ultimate protection.

As you’re searching online for the best bulk deals for nitrile gloves, you may notice that you can buy nitrile gloves in different levels of thickness. The thicker the material, the more puncture resistant and durable they are. 14mil nitrile gloves are one of the highest levels of thickness you will find offered. This thicker outer layer makes them perfect for anyone working with sharp tools, potent chemicals, and other caustic materials.

Always Buy Disposable Gloves in Bulk

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Providing your employees with the right form of protection as they work is an important responsibility. Not to mention, OSHA and other local, state and federal laws require professionals of all kinds to wear gloves as they conduct certain work-related tasks. The demand for quality protection is just one of the many reasons Bulk Nitrile Gloves is the leading distributor for Infi-Touch safety products. Check out the website now and order your 14mil nitrile gloves in bulk at wholesale pricing. We even ship all our customers’ orders out for FREE!