Nitrile Tattoo Gloves

Anyone with an interest in tattoos or the art of tattooing has certainly noticed the black disposable gloves  or other nitrile gloves worn by the artist working. Tattoo artists work with sharp tools including various width needles created to breakthrough several layers of skin. The dangers of working with sharp instruments that come in contact with human skin and blood are extremely concerning. The direct contact with blood borne pathogens and germs can cause severe infection and illness.


Those black disposable gloves worn by the tattoo artist protect their hands from coming in direct contact with harmful organisms and pathogens. When you see gloves in the color black it usually signifies that they’re made of nitrile, a material created of synthetic rubbers. Nitrile is a wonderful alternative to latex which is another leading material used to create disposable gloves. Disposable nitrile gloves come in various colors. Tattoo artists often prefer black nitrile gloves due to their higher puncture resistance and ability to remain professional looking during use.




The Significance of Nitrile Tattoo Gloves


Nitrile tattoo gloves will protect the skin, help prevent contamination, and encourage easier cleanup. Their constant enhancements made to nitrile gloves throughout the years have certainly increased their quality and functionality. A textured surface makes it much easier to grip while the acrylic lining on the inside of the glove protects the skin from moisture. Nitrile gloves are also designed with sensitivity to body heat. As the glove is worn and friction is created, it forms to the hand to give more flexibility and comfort.


Although nitrile tattoo gloves are 3 times more durable than latex gloves, they’re still disposable and must be changed after every use. It’s important to practice proper removal procedures for removing disposable gloves to avoid contamination through skin contact. Fortunately, nitrile gloves are inexpensive and easy to purchase. Go online to search for the best bulk deals for nitrile disposable gloves in black or go to Bulk Nitrile Gloves online shop to order nitrile gloves in bulk for the lowest wholesale pricing and best quality of nitrile gloves around. We have been supplying tattoo artists and other professionals with affordable, safety code compliant protective gear for decades.