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The Function and Purpose of Nitrile Gloves


The primary purpose of creating disposable gloves out of nitrile material was to introduce a more appealing alternative to latex disposable gloves. The thicker outer layer enhances the gloves resistance to punctures while the inner acrylic lining keeps out moisture to prevent skin irritation and a reduction in the level of comfort provided by the glove as it’s worn.

One concern many latex glove customers seek an answer for before they decide to switch to nitrile gloves, is whether or not they’ll still have the ability to move their hands freely with easy flexibility while performing their daily tasks. With careful attention to detail and strong interest in the advancements of nitrile gloves, the flexibility and free movement of the hands isn’t compromised. As the gloves are worn, friction increases, and body heat radiates, the glove forms closely to the hand. This technology was designed to make the glove increasingly more comfortable the longer it is worn.