Sterile Nitrile Gloves

Regardless of your position, as a member of the medical industry, it is almost certain that you’re expected to wear the right form of hand protection while fulfilling your daily tasks. Part of the safety gear you must wear includes sterile nitrile disposable gloves that can protect the hands and prevent skin contact with harsh chemicals, blood borne pathogens and other hazardous substances. The gloves you wear must also have a high level of puncture resistance. A lot of medical professionals work with scalpels, surgical tools and needles that could easily puncture the skin and contaminate.

Sterile Nitrile Gloves

There are two types of sterile nitrile gloves available for those in the medical fields, exam gloves and surgical gloves. Each glove is meant to serve specific tasks while protecting the skin and preventing cross-contamination. Disposable gloves are available in nitrile, latex and vinyl materials, yet any gloves worn by health professionals should be free of powder, sterile, textured and coated for extra protection. Those in the healthcare industry have become highly favorable of nitrile disposable gloves.

Information Regarding Exam Gloves

Caregivers, medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals are required to protect themselves and others from cross contamination during exams and procedures. Sterile nitrile gloves are perfect for use in unsanitary environments if disposed of after every use. There are different materials, sizes and material thicknesses that your disposable gloves can be purchased in.

Information Regarding Surgical Gloves

Surgical gloves are worn by surgeons and other medical professionals that often come in direct contact with blood, infections, sharp tools and other harmful objects and substances that could cause extreme illness or infection. Anyone who must wear sterile gloves to perform tasks should know how important it is that they are of high quality. It’s no surprise that most surgeons prefer nitrile gloves due to their extreme strength, quality and puncture resistance.

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Powdered versus Powder-Free Gloves

Gloves made of latex were once the preferred form of safety hand gear for many medical professionals. Most latex gloves have a powder coating on the surface to make them easier to put on and take off quickly. Nevertheless, the powder visible on the gloves’ surface is known to cause skin irritation especially after prolonged use. It may also cause issues for those with respiratory issues if accidently inhaled. With recent advancements and after a ban against powdered gloves by the FDA in 2016, disposable glove manufacturers have found ways to create gloves that are still easy to put on and take off without having powder on the surface of the glove.