Sterile Surgical Gloves

Hand protection in the form of disposable gloves is in high demand across the world and in all sorts of industries. Anyone that works with chemicals, blood borne pathogens and other pollutants must wear a type of disposable gloves throughout their work day. Seeing as they are disposable, the gloves must be easy enough to put on and take off throughout the day. In the healthcare industry, the ease of putting gloves on and taking them off is crucial.

Sterile Surgical Gloves

Part of the healthcare industry includes conducting surgical procedures. Surgical facilities and surgeons must always have these gloves available to everyone working. Without access to gloves, everyday procedures cannot be performed. OSHA and other laws require the use of disposable gloves by anyone working in the health industries. Surgeons must use their hands to perform procedures on the human body. The human body contains a lot of bacteria and it is extremely important that the spread of infection, illness and bloodborne pathogens is prevented by wearing the proper safety gear, especially on the hands.

All medical practitioners including surgeons must change their gloves frequently. Unfortunately, the powdered surface found on latex gloves is often harmful to the skin, quickly causing irritation especially to those with allergies to latex. Since not many favor the latex material and powdered glove design, professionals all over the healthcare industry have switched over to sterile nitrile surgical gloves. Nitrile is a thicker material and more resistant to punctures and bacteria. The material can even withstand harsh chemicals and other pollutants. Their powder free design also makes them more favorable among those in the healthcare industry.

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